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Dancesation Offer Recreational Classes from Ages 3 years on wards. All our classes are taught in a fun, relaxed & positive environment and all work towards a yearly Concert Showcase. Dancesation offer a variety of styles of dance to participate in, from Acrobatics to Ballet, Break Dance, Cheerleading, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Stretch & Strengthen, Tumbling, Yoga, Singing Lessons, Private Lessons & more.
Want to know more about these styles? Check out our Youtube Channel & take a look at some of our favourite Cheer & Dance Performances!

Acrobatics – Acro Dance is a combination of ballet technique & gymnastics. Acro focuses on tumbling, stretch & strengthen, flexibility & partner balancing. Acrobatics then uses these skills to be performed in a choreographed routine.
Ballet – Ballet is a classical dance form demanding grace & precision. The careful movements of ballet are then used to tell a story or express an idea.
Break Dance – Breaking is a acrobatic form of street dance, originating from the streets and often performed to rap/hip hop music, break dance encorporates inctricate footwork, spinning headstand, tumbling & improvised movements.
Cheerleading – All Star Cheerleading is performing a routine that encorporates many skills such as Tumbling, Stunting, Building Pyramids, Jumps & Dance. The most common type of Cheerleading is found when a team compete against each other.
Contemporary – Contemporary Dance is an expressive style of dance that uses movement, rise & fall & emotions to portray a story or a feeling. Contemporary is a combination of fluid dance movements choreographed together.
Hip Hop – Hip Hop is an energetic dance style perfomed to Hip Hop music & was developed from the streets. Hip Hop has many different elements such a Popping, Locking & Breaking.
Jazz – Jazz is a theatrical dance style performed to fun & upbeat music. Jazz encorporates technical elements suchs as jumps, turns & leaps.
Musical Theatre – Musical Theatre is a mixture of acting, singing & dancing to music usually to portray a story.
Stretch & Strengthen – a class designed to focus on stretching & strengthening the certain muscles needed to develop technical skills.
Tumble – Tumbling is to perform acrobatic skills in the air such as Somersaults, Cartwheels, Handsprings.
Yoga – a spiritual discipline, a part of which includes focusing on breath control, simple meditation and the adoption of specific body postures.
Singing Lessons – a small private class group focusing on developing vocal skills for singing. Perfect for those interested in Musical Theatre.

Dancesation Offers Competitive Classes in Cheer & Dance for 2019. Competition Teams are designed for the dancer/cheerleader that want just a little bit more. We focus on progressions & growth and the best part about it is that students get to perform more then once a year!
We Offers the Dance styles of Contemporary, Jazz & Hip Hop and Compete in Levels 1, 2 & 3 for Cheerleading.

Dancesation hold 3 National Title Championships – placing 1st in Australia for Jazz & Contemporary in 2017, and 1st in Australia for Hip Hop in 2018 with AASCF.
Our Senior Level 1 Cheer Team just recently placed 2nd in Australia for 2018 also with AASCF.
We are excited to see what our 2019 Competition Season will bring!

Check out our Youtube Channel & take a look at some of our favourite Cheer & Dance Performances!

Dancesation run 3 casual PreSchool Dance & Gym sessions per week. These classes are aimed at our little dancers 18 months – 3 years and are run as an introductory to dance class.

PreSchool Dance encorporates fun actions songs, nursey rhymes, our favourite wiggles & hi5 songs as well as dance play using musical instruments, hula hoops, twirlers, pom poms etc.
Parents participation is encouraged but not necessary.

PreSchool Gym classes would similar to that of a Dance session, with our fun action songs, nursery rhymes, wiggles & hi5, however we also set up a fun gym circuit & focus on skills such as balancing, tumbling, jumping, rolling, crawling & our big gross motor skills.

Classes are casual, so no need to book or enrol, just turn up & pay as you go!
$13.50 per class or for those regulars you can purchase a 5 class pass.
Purchase 4 lessons up front & get your 5th for FREE!

Our sessions run Monday’s, Thursday’s & Friday’s all at 9.15am – 10am.
Monday’s & Friday’s – Dance
Thursday’s – Cheer

Come on down & try a class out! We love seeing friendly new faces!


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